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Growing up in the UK, Lou moved to Australia in 2010 and never looked back. It was here that her passion for fitness grew from a hobby into a career.

Lou has three brothers and was naturally very competitive and sporty through school. She continued playing football (soccer to you Aussies) into her late teens, but gave it all up when she went travelling and then onto university. This is where she first ventured into the gym, she was (like many women) a dedicated cardio bunny and had no idea of (and was intimidated by) the benefits of resistance training and the weights room.

Fast forward to 2013, after a stint travelling Asia, and working and training in a friends Muay Thai gym in Thailand, she returned to Australia to study her certificate in fitness. Lou begun her career working on a bootcamp on Bondi Beach (every poms dream!), then moved to personal training, before focusing her coaching on helping women become strong and confident through training and nutrition.

Outside of work, Lou spends as much time as possible at the beach and with her dog, Thelma. Yes, you've got it 'Thelma and Louise'. 

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Chloe Potter

I started training with Lou 9 months out from my wedding in 2020, focusing on toning and strengthening. Covid had other plans that year and whilst our original wedding was cancelled, Lou inspired me to keep training outside and online to achieve my goals.

I highly recommend Lou - a brilliant trainer who keeps you motivated, smiling and seeing results.



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