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Nutrition for New Mums

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

With the focus on your new arrival, we can often forget to take care of ourselves. This guide aims to help you optimise your nutrition to support your recovery from birth and to nourish your body for Mum life.

Keep it simple, you've got enough going on at the moment. Aim to include the following nutrients in your diet:


  • Essential for tissue recovery & repair

  • Sources: Lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs yoghurt, cheese, lentils and beans


  • Important for tissue repair as well as hormone activation, mood support as well as helping with cracked nipples and colicy babies

  • Sources: red meats, chicken, lentils and seeds

Vitamin C

  • Helps form collagen for tissue repair, strength and elasticity

  • Sources: Kiwifruit, red capsicum, blueberries

Did you know that Breastfeeding is more nutritionally demanding than pregnancy? Nourishing and fueling your body with adequate nutrition is important for both you and baby.

Babies take what they need from Mum, so Mums can often end up depleted and low on energy.

  • Breastfeeding Mums require approx 600 extra calories per day

  • Consume the extra calories from whole foods

For more information, download our full postpartum nutrition info sheet below 👇🏽

Postpartum Nutrition Fact Sheet
Download PDF • 8.13MB

Credit: Emma Sutherland, Naturopath/Nutritionist & NZ Nutrition Foundation and Caren Van Gastel, Empower Me Fitness

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