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Top 3 Breakfasts for a busy life

We’ve all heard it before, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. The clue's in the name: Break-Fast. We haven't eaten all night and our body needs refueling. It sets you up, nutritionally speaking, for a great day ahead. Yet so many people either skip it or fail to have a decent breakfast which in turn starts you off on the wrong foot.

I get it, mornings are busy, kids need getting out the door, you’ve got to get yourself to work. Breakfast can quite easily be forgotten or not much thought given to it.

Here’s a secret, breakfast is my FAVORITE meal of the day and if I don't have it, or have it too late, I'm not a pretty site. I genuinely can't function. But also, it can be sweet, it can be savory, it can be both! But having too many options can also be overwhelming.

As with every meal, make protein a focus! Due to its thermogenic effect, protein takes a lot longer to digest meaning it keeps you fuller for longer…and your body is burning calories whilst digesting it. You also need carbs and fat, to give you energy for the day ahead and to help regulate your blood sugar levels.

If you don’t have time to prep eggs in the morning, here are my top 3 ‘on the go’ breakfast suggestions:

These have a great balance of proteins, fats, and carbs and will keep you going during a busy morning. You simply add water and stir!

2. Protein Muffin Mix: This brand is amazing! They’re plant-based and full of gut-friendly ingredients. Coles stock them or you can order online.

3. Overnight Oats: If you’ve got a bit more time to prep the night before, this is my go-to recipe.

Add the dry ingredients to a mason jar, give it a good shake, add the milk, again give it another good shake, then add the berries on top. Leave it in the fridge overnight and voilà!

*50g oats

*25g protein powder

*50g frozen berries

*Pinch of pink Himalayan salt

*Dash of vanilla essence (optional)

*Teaspoon of chia seeds (optional)

*100ml of unsweetened almond milk

Nutritional Info: Cals: 333 P: 32g F: 5g C41g

*Please note this will change if you add chia seeds and berry selection

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