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Why did I become a MumSafe™ Trainer?

Why did I become a MumSafe™ Trainer? I'm not a Mum (to to a human child, anyway), but I am a woman whose body has changed over recent years and it got me thinking 🤔

I've trained many mums over the years, and had a basic understanding on the structural changes a woman's body goes through in order to bring life into this world. And crikey, it is truly mind blowing 🤯

MumSafe™ have mission to change the way the fitness industry looks after mums. I have heard all too many times from mum clients wanting to get their 'pre-baby body back' and I wanted to be part of the solution to get mums (and women in general) to learn how to safely and effectively exercise, building strength from the inside out.

The name You: Redefined and Mums: Redefined stems from my passion of wanting to stand up and be part of a movement to redefine how women and mums are treated within the fitness industry. We are not just small men with breasts, our bodies are incredible and deserve to be treated differently.

Through personal training and group classes, my aim is to reach as many women as possible in order to empower, educate and inspire women to love their bodies and appreciate them for everything they do.

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