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How to avoid the "F*ck it" syndrome this silly season

Be honest with yourself, how many times have you said to yourself (or out loud) ‘F*ck it, it’s Christmas”? I have, many a time! "F*ck it, I’ll have another glass of bubbles, f*ck it, I’ll have another chocolate, f*ck it, I’ll have another helping of the leftovers in the fridge". And come January, it’s a MASSIVE uphill battle to get back on track in regards to training, nutrition, and most importantly, self-care.

It’s even worse living in Australia as (usually) January is one of the best months, it’s hot, the ocean temp is amazing and there seems to be event after event, ending in a public holiday at the end of the month. Sorry to my UK peeps, but January is pretty rubbish back home!

The silly season, for many, is about indulgence, and how much you indulge is completely your choice. I’m not here to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong, you’re an adult, you can decide that. Think of it as a scale; from eating like a saint to full-blown F*CK it mode, where you sit on that scale is up to you. My advice that follows is purely to help you make better choices on where you sit on that scale and how to undo any “F*CK it” blips that might occur.

Meals Out

Have a look at the menu before you go and choose what you’re going to eat. That way you’re more likely to stick to a better choice rather than make impulsive decisions that you'll regret. Do you really need a start AND a dessert? Set yourself a drink limit and enjoy them instead of getting carried away.

Christmas Party’s

Usually, these involve finger food which might not seem like much, but all those yummy mini pies, sweet treats, and chips can add up VERY quickly. Make sure you have a good protein-based meal earlier in the day. This will help keep you feeling full so you avoid excess snacking at the buffet table AND helps soak up the alcohol.

Stock up your fridge for the inevitable hangover

Waking up with a dusty head and the incoming hangover can be a gateway to disaster. If I know I’ve got a big night out, my fridge will be filled with the following: Watermelon, Coconut water, Hydralyte ice pops, and the ingredients to make a homemade bacon and egg roll. Then I keep it clean for the rest of the day and drink LOTS of water.

The Sandwich Approach

My ultimate piece of advice for the silly season is the sandwich approach. No, not the cold turkey and ham sandwiches you’re forced to eat on boxing day. This is a strategy to enjoy Xmas whilst not throwing it all out the window for what really is only a mere 72 hours. (note I borrowed this concept from Chloe Madeley. Credit @madeleychloe).

Continue with your regular nutrition and training, keep your activity levels high, and keep up your step count up until Xmas Eve. Get some sort of activity in on Xmas Eve, be it a training session, a long walk, or a swim. Then enjoy Xmas! Eat the mince pies, drink the prosecco, and have a few chocolates. It’s Xmas after all and we’ve all had a few brutal years recently.

Then come the 27th, get back into your routine, start tracking your food again if that’s what you do, start training again, and start your self-care routine again. Yes, New Year’s Eve is just a few days away, but again, it’s only one 24-hour period.

Don’t let one “f*ck it” moment become weeks of crappy behavior which takes months to undo.


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